We The Pizza & Veuve Clicquot

champagne and pizza boxThe ladies and I decided to forego rowdy New Year’s Eve festivities this year and indulge in some of our favorite things as we ushered in 2016 from home.

I first had Veuve Clicquot when I was 22. A vodka fanatic at the time and still about 8 years away from falling in love with wine, I hated it. But on this go round, I loved it. Dry and crisp, it was delicious on it’s own or with blood orange juice. (And it was on sale at my local grocery store. #win)

It also didn’t leave me with a pounding headache like some other brut options.

The Butcher’s Block pie from We the Pizza – loaded with pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon – kept our bellies full all night. We also snacked on chicken wings and rice crispy treats.

Champagne and pizza isn’t a traditional pairing, and not one I plan to replicate often. But for the people and the occasion, it was perfect.

Happy 2016!

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