Goat cheese, jellies & Cabernet Sauvignon

wine cheese jelly on cuttingboard Brain food to fuel a day of writing.

Friend (in my head) of the blog, Trader Joe’s, supplied the great bread, goat cheese and Cabernet Sauvignon.

I did a bulk of my Christmas shopping at TJ’s, and one of the managers hailed this Trader Joe’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon as the best they had and a great deal ($9.99). So I grabbed a bottle for my boss, who loved it.

This smooth, full-bodied Cab was delicious with the goat cheese topped with a chai jelly from Hunca Muncas Good Karma, a local crafter. Her other jellies were delicious as well, including a vanilla pear jelly and an orange persimmon spread.

I feel a weekend brunch with mimosas and these jams and jellies spread on a waffle or muffin is in my future.

(If you want to make your own chai tea jelly, head over to my friend Common Tea, who shares Hunca Muncas’ recipe.)



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