Dear flights: A love letter

Pursuit_flightsDear wine flights,

I love you.

I don’t really need to explain why my love runs deeper than the oldest vines at my favorite winery, but I will.

1. You make me adventurous. While I might be a little hesitant to try a full glass of a new wine, your 2 ounce pours makes it easy to try new varietals and wineries.

2. You provide variety. Why have one glass when you can have 3 to 5? I like options.

3. You make learning fun. When thoughtful and intentional, you provide the best lessons. Often you have a theme and you combine wines from certain regions, for different occasions, of different varietals, helping me learn what I like, what I don’t and why.

4. You’re wine.

Whenever you’re near, I get excited and can’t think of much else. When you’re not, I look at all of the single glasses on menus and mourn the wasted opportunity, wishing they were you.

Until next time.


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